cGMP Certifications

Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certified

One of the most crucial of our certifications is cGMP. Being cGMP certified means that all of the products we manufacture are safe for use, and guarantees that the ingredients and claims of each product are authentic. Our clients can be sure that everything we manufacture is made in a controlled environment with proper equipment.  GMP rules and regulations are constantly improving to authorize the best possible production of new goods. Our company being Current Good Manufacturing Practices certified signifies that we follow the guidelines of the most current standard regulations in place at the time of production.

Food and Drug Administration Registered

The FDA is responsible for protecting public health by regulating human drugs and biological products, animal drugs, medical devices, tobacco products, food (including animal food), cosmetics, and electronic products that emit radiation. FDA assessors determine whether our company has the essential facilities, equipment, and ability to manufacture the product we intend to market. Being FDA registered means that all of the goods we utilize are safe for food contact. This also means that their agency has determined that everything we manufacture is safe and effective to the best of their knowledge.

FDA Registered
MDAR Certifications


The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources regulates the diversity of the Commonwealth’s agricultural community. They promote economically and environmentally sound food safety and animal health measures. They fulfill agriculture’s role in energy conservation and production. Being MDAR compliant further authenticates the safety and security of all of the raw materials we use and products we manufacture.

3rd Party Lab Tested

We use a third party lab to ensure the integrity of all of our ingredients and products. Each ingredient that we use comes with a certified analysis that allows us to trace our products every step of the way. Each test proves that every product will serve its desired intended purpose. Having these systems in place guarantees that every client’s needs are met and their product is pure. Third party lab testing is one of the most crucial parts of our certifications and manufacturing process.

3rd Party Certifications
Iso8 Clean Room icon

ISO 8 Clean Room

Sky Nutro’s facility utilizes an ISO 8 Clean Room for all of our manufacturing. This allows us to control the air quality to avoid contamination of products. Our production crew follows strict guidelines to provide quality assurance. This includes use of lab coats, hair nets, gloves, etc.  We have standard operating procedures in place to produce every project in the safest and cleanest way possible. Our clean room in combination with all of our other certifications make us your perfect manufacturer.

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