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Contract Filling & Labeling Services

For wellness product manufacturing companies

Sky Nutro provides a variety of contract filling and labeling options allowing our partners to rapidly fulfill orders, decrease overhead, and scale their business.

Contract filling

We offer precise filling services for many nutraceutical and beauty products, including lotions, balms, creams, softgels, split capsules, tinctures, gummies, and more. Our precision counting and filling equipment within our ISO8 cleanroom ensure the highest standards for sanitary packaging are always met.

Include labeling
Include final packaging
3PL fulfillment post filling/packaging
Label design


Contract labeling

Sky Nutro’s contract labeling services are perfect for companies needing a little bandwidth or cost savings on labeling.

Applying labels by hand can be time-consuming and expensive. Sky Nutro utilizes precision labeling equipment, ensuring accurate labeling on a wide array of bottles, jars, pouches, tins, and envelopes.

Include filling
Include final packaging
3PL fulfillment
Label design


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Sky Nutro Manufacturing Info

  • FDA Registration Number: 18161911990
  • ISO 8 large scale cleanroom for supplement manufacturing and packaging
  • Ability to handle large scale orders
  • In house testing and 3rd party testing. We can provide numerous outsourced options such as microbiology, caloric content verification, nutritional panels, testing of omega/fatty acid over time, etc
  • In-house QC includes inspection – QC of raw materials, weights/blended materials, lot codes, batch mfr records, in-process checks of temp, humidity, pH, water content, taste, color, smell, equipment cleaning, sterility, etc.