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Product Formulation Services

Develop the perfect private label nutraceutical wellness or beauty product with Sky Nutro!

Sky Nutro’s product formulation team offers brands and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop proprietary products that provide a unique brand identity.


Private Label Product Development


Nutraceutical Gummies


Lotions & Balms




Dog Treats


Split Capsules & Softgels

Let’s develop your perfect product!

Sky’s product formulation team works on a case-by-case basis to develop products for leading brands. As every product requires a unique approach, we recommend starting by filling out our consultation request form below.

We will then contact you to schedule an initial discovery consultation.

Five steps to private label product success

  1. Consult with Sky Nutro product formulation team – discuss product ideas and options and set expectations for timeline and cost.
  2. Contract our team to develop products. This includes signing an NDA to protect both parties. Following formula development, our product development team will send samples for approval on a round-by-round basis until approved.
  3. Once the products are approved for production, we will move into the manufacturing phase. Please note that Sky will offset up to 50% of product development fees based on order frequency and quantity. These cost offsets will be applied as credits to the order.
  4. Upon completion of and payment for product development, the customer will retain all rights and ownership of the product formula as a proprietary private label product outlined in the NDA.

Schedule a consultation

Our initial discovery consultation is free of charge

Sky Nutro Manufacturing Info

  • FDA Registration Number: 18161911990
  • ISO 8 large scale cleanroom for supplement manufacturing and packaging
  • Ability to handle large scale orders
  • In house testing and 3rd party testing. We can provide numerous outsourced options such as microbiology, caloric content verification, nutritional panels, testing of omega/fatty acid over time, etc
  • In-house QC includes inspection – QC of raw materials, weights/blended materials, lot codes, batch mfr records, in-process checks of temp, humidity, pH, water content, taste, color, smell, equipment cleaning, sterility, etc.