Product Formulation

Product Formula Weighing

The Formulation Process

Our product formulation team offers brands and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop proprietary products to fit your unique brand identity. First, we look at what product you want to manufacture and determine the necessary ingredients to reach the desired outcome. Once we evaluate the essential ingredients, we establish a potential recipe and standard operating procedure. We do test runs until we perfect the formula and the process, then we run an engineering batch before scaling to the desired manufacturing batch size.

The Importance of R&D

Research and development is an essential part of the formulation process. R&D not only allows us to develop new and exiting products for our clients, but also constantly improve formulas and processes that already exist. Analyzing each ingredient and every existing step of the manufacturing process combined with acquiring knew knowledge allows us to build a deep understanding and intelligence for manufacturing. Some projects take more research and development than others, but it is a crucial step to identify and overcome obstacles to maximize each project.
Product Formulation

Product Quality

Creating new and exciting high quality products for both new patrons and loyal customers is the ultimate goal for every business, and we are passionate about being the manufacturer to push brands toward that goal. A huge part of being able to do that is ensuring that ingredients and processes used to manufacture products are up to standard. Our facility, processes, and our certifications allow us to do that.


All-Natural Products

Manufacturing products using all-natural ingredients is not only something we’re proud of, but it allows our clients to grab consumers attention in the saturated market.

3rd Party Testing

Each ingredient we use is tested by a third party to confirm quality. This is crucial for each project to reassure our clients that we have a deep understanding of the contents of all products.
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Finalizing Recipes

We take every necessary preliminary step to ensure that the final recipe of your product will yield desired results. Our extensive research and development includes 2 different size batches before scaling to the final manufacturing batch size.

First, we run a few sample size batches to send the initial formula to our clients. Once samples are approved, we run a slightly larger engineering batch to make sure that the formula and the process yields consistent results when scaled up. Then we make adjustments where necessary, and scale the finalized recipe to manufacturing batch size.

Let’s develop your perfect product!

Our formulation team works on a case-by-case basis to develop products for leading brands. As every project requires a unique approach, we recommend you contact us with any questions about developing a new product.
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