The Gummy Process

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Perfect Formula


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Gummy Cook Process

Perfect Formula

Our process begins with our team running R&D batches of your product. Next, you will get sent samples to approve the formula before scaling your product to engineering batch size.

& Cook

Once the engineering batch is perfected, your recipe will be scaled to the desired manufacturing batch size.

Depositing Process
Coating Process

Curing Process

After gummies are deposited into molds, they are transported into our curing rooms. This is where the gummies reach their final texture and cure completely for shelf stability. Gummies are then ready for the coating process.

Coating Process

Once gummies are fully cured, they are custom coated and prepared for packaging. For clients that wish to promote sugar-free branding, we recommend carnuba wax coating. Clients that desire more texture for their gummies will enjoy a sugar coating.

Coating options

Packaging & Shipping

Once gummies are fully cured and coated, they are ready to beĀ co-packed. Each bag is filled, sealed, and lot coded on this machine. We provide your team with a template that outlines the desired dimensions of gummy bags to run through our co-packing machine. Once gummies are fully packaged and lot coded, they are ready to be palletized and ready to ship. Storing and shipping of products is made easy with our 3PL fulfillment services!

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