The Rise of Better-for-You Gummies

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Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and making informed choices about the foods they consume. This shift has led to a surge in demand for better-for-you gummies and snacks, a trend that has emerged in recent years and shows no signs of slowing. 

Manufacturers are reformulating gummies, once considered a sugary indulgence, with healthier ingredients and targeting health-conscious consumers.

Factors Driving the Better-for-You Gummies Trend

Several factors are driving the growth of the better-for-you snacking market:

  • Increased awareness about the importance of nutrition and health: Consumers are more educated about the impact of their food choices on their overall health and well-being. They are looking for snacks that provide nutrients and support their health goals.
  • A growing preference for natural and minimally processed foods: Consumers are seeking snacks made with natural ingredients and free from artificial additives and preservatives. This trend is evident in the popularity of organic and non-GMO snacks.
  • Convenience: Consumers are looking for snacks that are convenient and easy to grab and go. People of all ages prefer gummies because they find them portable, with a long shelf life.

How Gummies Fit into the Better-for-You Snacking Trend

Health-conscious consumers can easily adapt gummies because they are a versatile snack platform. Traditional gummy candies are typically high in sugar and artificial ingredients, but reformulated versions are in development with healthier ingredients.

Here are some of the ways that companies like Sky Nutro are re-formulating gummies to be better-for-you:

  • Using natural sweeteners: Instead of using refined sugar, consider sweetening gummies with natural sweeteners like fruit juice concentrates or stevia.
  • Incorporating functional ingredients: Gummies can be fortified with functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prebiotics.
  • Using plant-based ingredients: Manufacturers make gummies with plant-based ingredients, such as fruit purees, vegetable extracts, and agar-agar.

Gummy Products for Health-Conscious Consumers

A growing number of brands are developing gummy products that target health-conscious consumers. These products are typically lower in sugar, made with natural ingredients, and may contain functional ingredients.

Here are a few examples of better-for-you gummy products:

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks: Made with real fruit juice and free of artificial flavors or colors.

Blobs: Blobs is a brand specializing in better-for-you gummies with a focus on low sugar content, low calories, and clean ingredients.

Oomph: Oomph is “candy looking to the future”. Oomph produces gummy products that are low-sugar, plant-based, and incorporate ingredients with functional benefits such as apple cider vinegar and lion’s mane mushroom.

Opportunities for Ecommerce and Natural Product Business Owners

The rise of better-for-you snacking presents a significant opportunity for ecommerce and natural product business owners. Consumers are increasingly looking for healthy options both online and in-store.

Here are a few tips for ecommerce and natural product business owners to capitalize on this trend:

  • Stock a variety of better-for-you gummy products: Offer a wide selection of gummy products made with natural ingredients, lower in sugar, and potentially containing functional ingredients.
  • Educate consumers about the benefits of better-for-you gummies: Provide information about the ingredients and nutritional benefits of your products.
  • Target your marketing efforts towards health-conscious consumers interested in better-for-you snacks.

The better-for-you snacking trend is here to stay, and gummies are a versatile platform currently undergoing a transformation to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. Ecommerce and natural product business owners who tap into this trend are well-positioned for success.

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