Plant-Based Tinctures

Plant-derived tinctures are available in over 200 combinations to suit the needs of your brand. Naturally formulated to achieve desired targeted effects. These are a great addition for brands looking to promote all-natural herbal care for the betterment of humanities health and wellness.

Decide which type of tinctures you want for your brand

Tailor tinctures to your brand by deciding what type of tincture you would like to manufacture.

Determine the desired size of your tinctures

Choose your preferred dropper style

Popular Tinctures

Calm & Chill Tinctures Icon

Calm & Chill

Naturally formulated to enable relaxation, this custom-crafted tincture is designed to facilitate calm & serenity.

Focus & Energy Tinctures Icon

Focus & Energy

Our specific blend of ingredients is hand-selected and perfectly blended to boost alertness, focus, and energy.

Sleep Tinctures Icon


Our perfect all-natural blend features melatonin and custom plant extracts to provide deep sleep with no groggy “hangover.”

Digest Assist Tincture Icon

Digest Assist

Custom formulated to aid digestion. Blended to relieve gas, bloating, upset stomach, and occasional nausea & heartburn.

Relief Tinctures Icon


Target inflammation and alleviate associated pain without harmful side effects.

Immune Boost Tincture Icon

Immune Boost

This custom crafted tincture includes pure organic plant oil infused with vitamin-C, Elderberry, and Echinacea.

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