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Wholesale Premium Plant-Based Tinctures

Sky Nutro manufactures private & white label tinctures for leading retail brands and distributors in our USA based certified facilities

Wholesale Tinctures

Retail Ready Plant Based Wellness

Sky Nutro white label plant-derived tinctures are available in over 200 combinations to suit the needs of your brand. 
They are tested, proven, and ready for your label.


All Natural

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Advanced Formulations


GMO Free


Highly Rated


Made In USA



White label wholesale tinctures

Wholesale Tinctures

Calm & Chill Tincture

Naturally formulated to enable relaxation, this custom-crafted tincture features a great ingredient complex designed to facilitate calm & serenity.

Wholesale Tinctures

Focus & Energy Tincture

Our specific blend of ingredients is hand-selected and perfectly blended to boost alertness, focus, and energy.

Wholesale Tinctures

Sleep Tincture

Our perfect all-natural blend features melatonin and custom plant extracts to provide deep sleep with no groggy “hangover.”

Wholesale Tinctures

Digest Assist Tincture

Custom formulated to aid digestion. Blended to relieve gas, bloating, upset stomach, and occasional nausea & heartburn. 

Wholesale Tinctures

Relief Tincture

We custom craft this all-natural full spectrum tincture to target inflammation and alleviate associated pain without harmful side effects.

Wholesale Tinctures

Immune Boost Tincture

This custom crafted tincture includes pure organic plant oil infused with vitamin-C, Elderberry, and Echinacea.

Wholesale Tinctures

‘OG’ Tincture

Our ‘OG’ tincture features whole-plant goodness, formulated from our finest full or whole-plant oil. 

Wholesale Tinctures

Canine Tincture

Specifically formulated for canine well being, they will love this delicious blend of all-natural ingredients!

Request a quote – You will love our low, manufacturer-direct prices.

Please note, our MOQ for white label products is 1K units per SKU. MOQ for private label products starts at 5K per SKU – B2B only, please. Thank you!

Wholesale Tinctures

About Sky Nutro

Sky Nutro offers a host of solutions for manufacturers, retailers, brands, and distributors.

Our products, network of certified USA-based facilities, options for distribution, services, and manufacturing capabilities and credentials make us uniquely suited to enable significant vertical and horizontal growth for our partners.